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He was arrested for sexually abusing his 4-year-old daughter in a downtown cafe

Police arrested the father of a girl this afternoon for sexually abusing her in a cafe located in O’Higgins and Drago, according to reports from the First Police Station.

They indicated that it happened around 3 p.m., when the police approached the Café Expreso for a call to 911.

The officers chatted with witnesses, who pointed out two men who were sitting with a 4-year-old girl, saying that one of them was touching her improperly and making sexual movements with her.

When observed, the men wanted to leave, but the police stopped them. One of them, 48 years old and who was abusing the girl, turned out to be the father of the minor. The other, 46, was his brother.

To protect the identity of the victim, the identities of the men were not provided, as they were related to her.

The police apprehended the father and also transferred the uncle to the First Police Station.

When the mother introduced herself, the woman said that she is separated from the man and that today was the visit day that her daughter had with him.

The man was arrested for the crime of simple sexual abuse.

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