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He took his aunt hostage, threatened to kill her and tried to commit suicide «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

Moments of extreme tension were experienced in a downtown building this Sunday morning where a 32-year-old man took his aunt hostage, threatened to kill her and then tried to kill himself with a knife.

A call to 911 alerted the police that in an apartment in a building in Córdoba in 1700, a 32-year-old man threatened to kill his aunt, whom he was holding against her will.

Given this situation, personnel from the first police station, Special Risks and the GAD group went to the area and mounted an operation that alarmed residents and passers-by.


The police managed to remove the woman from the home, without showing any injuries, while the man, seeing uniformed men enter the apartment, took a kitchen knife and rested it on his neck to kill himself.

The policemen managed to reassure the man and reduce him. Then he was transferred in a SAME ambulance to the Interzonal Hospital, where he was detained in police custody.

The fact is investigated by the prosecutor Alejandro Pellegrinelli.


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