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He threw her out of a car, hit her and tried to strangle her in the middle of the street: the outrageous video was recorded by a security camera in Coapa, south of CDMX

Video: @c4jimenez / Twitter.

An outrageous video circulates this Monday on social networks, where it is observed how a woman is attacked in the Coyoacán mayor’s office.

The recording released by the Twitter user @ c4jimenez, adds that the events occurred in the Coapa area, south of Mexico City, and you can see how the driver of a black car stops on a road and then pushes the woman who falls to the ground.

In one of the videos, barely one minute and 20 seconds, the young woman is observed lying on the sidewalk and then a subject gets out of the vehicle and begins to strangle the woman when she is on the ground.

Foto: @c4jimenez  / Twitter.
Foto: @c4jimenez / Twitter.

In a second clip, uploaded by the same user, the woman is observed walking a few steps, who is observed somewhat disoriented, however, the subject follows her and hits her, then pulls her by the hair and force her into the car .

In the third video posted by @ c4jimenez, you can see how he hits, pulls the hair and subdues the woman while inside the car.

The violence that man exerted on the woman was recorded by a security camera. The events occurred during the early hours of Sunday in Calzada Las Bombas.

Foto: @c4jimenez  / Twitter.
Foto: @c4jimenez / Twitter.

As reported by @ c4jimenez, the woman’s screams woke up the neighbors who called 911, one of them left to try to avoid the aggression, when noticing this, the subject started the vehicle.

A minute later, agents from the Ministry of Citizen Security arrived at the scene. Although they searched the area for the vehicle, but could not find its whereabouts.

Another outrageous event that was recorded on video, and resulted in a femicide, is the case of Nancy Jaqueline Peralta Romero, a 35-year-old woman, who died after allegedly her sentimental partner threw her from a fourth floor, from an apartment in which Miguel Hidalgo lived together in the mayor’s office.

A policewoman was murdered by her sentimental partner, who also worked as an agent for the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City.

Nancy Jaqueline (Foto: Twitter@LUCYPREZGUTIRR1)
Nancy Jaqueline (Foto: [email protected])

Nancy jaqueline Peralta Romero, 35, was allegedly thrown by Gustavo “N”, 27 years old, from the fourth floor of a building of apartments, where they lived together, located in the Anáhuac neighborhood, in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office.

According to testimonies from neighbors, before the fall he was heard fighting with his partner, who escaped from the scene.

The murder happened during the early morning of Wednesday, March 3. Nancy and Gustavo arrived at the building aboard a motorcycle: videos from video surveillance cameras, broadcast through social networks, captured the moment around 10:00 p.m.

Property security cameras revealed that, minutes before 01:00 a.m., the victim’s body falls from a building floor. Moments after Nancy was allegedly thrown, the same man she walked in with he quickly walks away from the building and gets on his motorcycle to flee.

The reporter Antonio Nieto, on his Twitter account, noted that Nancy Jaqueline “She also taught at a university and was attached to the Chapultepec sector, of the SSC of Mexico City ”. The capital prosecutor’s office, in accordance with The Press, opened the research folder CI-FIMH / H1 / UI-1 S / D / 00028 / 03-2021. One of the lines of investigation is for the crime of femicide.


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