He rented his fifth house and they made him a clandestine party: they charged $ 1,000 per capita

The fifth house had been signed a month and a half earlier. The woman handed over the key last Saturday at noon and three hours later received a call that alerted her to the riot that was occurring on the property.

It is my home. I decided to rent it for 8 people. It has 8 glasses, 8 chairs, 8 plates. I remarked a lot to them that they couldn’t bring in more people, that if three cars were parked at the door, the neighbors would let me know. In the afternoon, a neighbor calls me and tells me that there were 200 people in my house, said Josefina, the owner.

I went to the place and already on the route I saw crowds of people. When I arrived the Municipality and the Police were there, I explained.


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