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He ran after a dog – Saved! Boy (3) wandered through the forest for three days

Plantersville (USA) – Christopher Ramirez (3) was swallowed by the ground for three days. The three-year-old from Plantersville, Texas, ran after a neighbor dog into a forest on Wednesday (October 6) while his parents unloaded their food truck. The dog came back, but Christopher didn’t.

When they realized that their treasure was missing, the parents immediately alerted the police. A large contingent of police and more than 100 volunteers continuously searched for the little one with the light green T-shirt and Mickey Mouse shoes – even the FBI participated.

Horror for the parents: police officers drained ponds because they thought Christopher was dead.

After three days the great relief: The three-year-old is alive! One of the volunteers, who only wanted to give his first name, found the little one. The man had heard about the search during a Bible study. “The Holy Spirit told me: ‘You will look for the boy,'” said Tim to the portal.Click2Houston“.

This is how Christopher was found

On Saturday morning (October 9th), Tim was running a pipeline along a tree line when a noise sounded: “It sounded like it could have come from a frightened animal.” The volunteer walked deeper into the forest, listened more closely and indeed : “Then suddenly I heard a child’s voice, but I couldn’t understand the words. As it turned out, he only speaks Spanish. “

Tim immediately called Sheriff Don Sowell and other police officers to the forest where he had heard the noises. They split up and again it was Tim who was lucky: he found the boy lying on the grass. “I picked him up and he was completely naked – no shoes, no clothes, nothing. Three days without food or water. I picked him up, but he wasn’t trembling, wasn’t nervous. “

Little Christopher was only “a bit dehydrated and hungry but overall in a good mood and healthy,” said Sherriff Don Sowell later. How the boy was able to survive for so long is currently being investigated.

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