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He found the explosive device while diving – World War II ammunition exploded – German dead!

Steindorf (Austria) – Death drama in the alpine paradise: on Friday morning a explosive device from the Second World War exploded in the hands of a German holidaymaker in Carinthia. The 59-year-old was killed instantly.

The hobby diver had only recovered the remains of the war on Thursday with a friend from the bottom of the Ossiacher See, but did not report his explosive find to the police.

The detonation triggered a large-scale operation: fire investigators, maritime police and constitutional protection officers from the State Criminal Police Office moved in. Experts from the demining service searched the shore of the lake for individual parts to find out what exactly exploded in the hands of the vacationer – without success.

“All we know is that it is an explosive relic of war, but it cannot be precisely defined because everything crumbled in the violent detonation,” said an investigator to the “Krone“.

The Carinthian police suspect that there are more remains from the Second World War in the Carinthian lakes and urgently advise against removing them from the water. “However, if any are recovered, this must be reported to the police immediately – so that such tragic incidents can be avoided!” Says a police spokeswoman for the “Krone”.

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