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He found a lot of money in a bag and has been trying to return it for a week

He will only return it to whoever tells him what the letter says and who details the amount of cash found. “I know the sacrifice behind it because, from what the note says, it is more or less what I need and I think about what I am doing to achieve it. I know what it is to have no money. I imagine what the person who lost it is feeling, that is why it would be good to give it back, “he told La Capital.

The young man related that it was 5.50 AM on Wednesday, December 30, when he was going to the factory where he works, which is on former Route 9. But when he took Buenos Aires street, one hundred and fifty meters before reaching Route 9, he stepped on the front wheel a bag. “The bike jumped, so I turned around and when I opened it, I saw the silver. I don’t know if the person who lost it did it during the night or more at dawn. Maybe he was riding a motorcycle or a bike, or he was carrying it in a backpack and he dropped it. It may be that he went to take the bus at the sentry box on the route to go to Rosario or Carcarañá; I drew a thousand conclusions ”, says the protagonist.

Walter is enthusiastic thinking that “if we all share the search, we can find the person and thus remain calm.” When people thank him for his attitude, he warns: “There is nothing to be thankful for, I am doing what anyone would have done.”

First, he published his find and search on his Facebook wall and asked whoever read it to viralize it. Then he insisted on the local media. Now I hope that the owner of the money will read The Capital and appear. To contact him, he clarifies that on the social network he appears with his first and last name and in his profile photo he is dressed in a black shirt and has a chain attached to his neck.

“My publication was shared by more than 700 people, I suspect that whoever lost it is not from here because in Roldán when someone publishes, even a key, the owner appears right away. I received many messages from people who tell me that the money is theirs, but when I ask for data, they do not match what the bag has. I am surprised that its real owner does not appear because, from what the note says, he needs that money. I would be like crazy looking for it ”.

According to Walter, what he has to buy with the cash found, “is something very necessary” and recognizes that he also needs “things, but I cannot have them with something that I did not work for.” His post with the message with which he started the search says: “I would like to return it because I know the effort that must be behind it. Please do not want to take possession of what is not yours, I am not going to say the amount or what kind of bills they are, or the note data. Honestly, whoever tells me how much it was and what the note said, I’m going to give it to them ”.

It is not the first time that Walter has such an attitude. As he recounts, “last time I also found a large wallet in a little field in town, which no longer had money inside, but it did have a lot of documentation. It belonged to a police officer from Rosario, I looked for it on Facebook and luckily I was able to return it to him ”.

When asked if there was a lot of money in the bag, he replied with the synthesis of his goal: “There is enough money, enough to look for it everywhere.”

Walter is from a humble family. He has been working in a metallurgical factory for a year. Before that, he worked for five years as a bricklayer, following in the footsteps of his father, who “all his life worked and works” in this trade. She has a five-year-old girl who lives with her mother but who she sees daily. He built the house on the same land as his father “behind everything.”

“I know what it is like not to have money, as a child I lived in Rosario in the Godoy neighborhood and at the age of 12 I asked for coins at the traffic lights of Circunvalación and Córdoba. Today I’m fine, little by little I’m making progress. I’m going to work, I earned it in one of the carnivals that take place in Roldán. I think that when one behaves as it should, everything comes back, “the young man summarized.

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