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“He entered screaming and fell into the living room,” said his wife

Unlike any other business day, the Christmas holiday allowed him to sleep a couple more hours and get out of the routine this time: getting up at 4 in the morning to go do the letter delivery for Correo Argentino. What Marcos Torres, the “Turk” for his many friends, had never imagined was that while he was washing his car in front of his house he was going to be fatally shot.

The incident occurred this Friday, at 8:50 a.m., when Torres was on the sidewalk of his house, in block 26 of Barrio 15, known as Ciudad Oculta, and a bullet entered his shoulder and went through his chest. Thus, wounded and bleeding, he went into his house, where his family was.

“He came in screaming ‘they hit me, they hit me’ and fell into the living room. The dog had gone out for a walk and then he looked for things to wash the car, a Renault 11. He was in it when one of them shot and killed him”, Analía, Torres’s wife, tells Clarion. “I prefer to write, I tell them everything, but I send them messages … I can’t speak,” he says before continuing.

The Torres family of 48 years and a fan of Nueva Chicago, he put him in the car and took him to the Santojanni hospital, in the Mataderos neighborhood. But the doctors could not save him and he died. Right there, one of the daughters reported that her father had been murdered.

“We want justice for my dad! If you can share everywhere, the silence is over, today all the neighbors say enough! Tired of these hdp passing and throwing no matter what “Yamila wrote on her Facebook wall in reference to what, for the moment, is the main hypothesis of the event: a group of at least five people began firing in various directions and one of those projectiles hit Torres.

Marcos "Turkish" Torres worked at the Correo Argentino.

Marcos “Turco” Torres worked at the Argentine Mail.

Yamila and her three brothers were in the house when Torres came in wounded. There were also his partner and their little son, the only grandson of the “Turk”. All together with Analía, who remembers that beyond being a “laburante”, her husband was a reference in the neighborhood for the large number of events he organized to raise funds for the neediest neighbors.

The operations and the raids that were carried out were in charge of the Argentine Naval Prefecture, the force that will follow step by step what is defined by the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office 61, in charge of Martín López Perrando. In fact, late on Saturday, the main suspect was already identified. The fact is that there was a key contribution, a witness who said he had seen him shooting into the air and in different directions.

“It always happens at the festivities, shots are heard at dawn and even in the morning. Now we want justice to pay for this one who went out to shoot everywhere”, remarks Analía.“He left a whole family in pieces”Yamila added in her post, in which in addition to her father’s photo she put an image of the main suspect.

After that publication, the messages were repeated on the Torres family’s accounts, which in addition to being well known in the neighborhood, gave themselves the pleasure of playing the music they liked the most every Saturday night, and for ten years, in FM La Milagrosa (100.9, from where he broadcast “Música del Ghetto”.

The family hoped that the Justice would finalize with some procedures and with the autopsy operation to fire the “Turk” from this Sunday.


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