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He drove a pickup with license plates; had an arrest warrant

The Juarez Journal

Wednesday, 06 January 2021 | 19:15

Juarez City- The State Prosecutor’s Office in the Northern Zone reported on the capture in flagrante delicto of a man who was driving last night in a van of foreign origin that had plates that belonged to another vehicle affixed, which constitutes a crime comparable to falsification, use and / or alteration of official documents.

Alejandro Ruvalcaba Valadez, spokesman for the social representation, reported that the Investigative Police agents belonging to the Stolen Cars Unit detected José Alberto GV When he was driving along De las Torres Avenue and Zaragoza Boulevard, aboard a Lincoln MKX truck White 2007 model, bearing Texas license plates that belonged to a 2014 Nissan Sentra.

When entering the name and date of birth of the driver to the database called ‘Plataforma México’, the agents detected that he had an arrest warrant in force for crimes against health and therefore he was taken to the facilities of the State Investigations Agency (AEI).

Yesterday it was made available to the judge who issued his arrest warrant in 2019 and a folder will also be opened for the crime of preparing and using false documents, Ruvalcaba Valadez said.

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