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He drank beer with friends by the river and they shot him dead from a car

Facundo Contreras lived with his family three blocks down the street, in a middle-class house. His father, Aldo, told La Capital yesterday that on Saturday night they were together and checking his son’s motorcycle. “It was not after eight when we were in the garage with the bike, I don’t know what he had, and his friends called him. They always got together on the way down, so he told me “Dad, I’m coming” and walked away, he didn’t even take the bike out, so I figured he wasn’t going anywhere else. Friends called him and he went, as he usually did. “

It was around 9 p.m. when Facundo with his friend Gaspar and others were there, on the descent, near the pier, when suddenly a gray Renault Clio appeared at the scene and according to what they told Aldo from inside the vehicle, shooting”.

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When friends told their father what happened the story was filled with inaccuracies that seem typical of the moment they had lived: “My daughter told me that she had had an accident and that she was in the hospital so that I wouldn’t go crazy. But friends told me that when they heard the bullets they threw themselves to the ground and that when they got up from the floor they realized that Facundo was wounded. Others say that the Clio came to the drop and they started shooting, and they don’t know who was in the car but they were two people. My son never had a criminal record and his friends are kids from the neighborhood. We have lived here for many years, so we all know each other. I don’t know what happened, nor do they know it seems to me ”.

Aldo was at his house yesterday afternoon and his friends and relatives came to give him their condolences, to help him contain the pain. “The mother kicked out all the friends. They were the ones who called him to go down and then each one told something different. And she says they didn’t protect him too. She is very bad, “said Aldo disconsolate.

And when asked about possible problems that his son had and that were the origin of the crime, he assured that Facundo did not tell him “if he had received threats or anything strange, I think not.”

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Facundo was studying nutrition and Aldo said that “I was in the last year. He lived in Brazil for a year and wanted to return there but with a degree. That is why he came to Rosario to be received. He was a studious boy with no problems. We believe it was a stray bullet, that it was not for him, but we don’t know, ”said the young man’s father, almost unable to speak. She was only answering questions, but without understanding why her son was shot three blocks from her home and in a “quiet” neighborhood.

Meanwhile, those who live in the villas in Formosa and Misiones, where the ravine begins, say that they did not hear anything, that the area is quiet and that the only problem is that “the lights on the descent do not work at night.” A local resident has surveillance cameras on the decline that overlooks the river and the prosecutor in charge of the case, Alejandro Ferlazzo, asked him to release the record of those videos captured between 19 and 21 on Saturday to analyze them.

Another neighbor who lives on the slope assured that “No one heard or saw anything. My daughters were in the house and the impacts they heard they believed could be anything, a rocket, a motorcycle cut. So we found out when little bikes started to come and the police arrived, but the boy had already been taken by friends to the hospital ”.

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After the attack, a mobile phone from the Radioelectric Command arrived at the scene and the neighbors explained to the police that the victim had been transferred by a friend in a Peugeot 207 and that he was at Eva Perón Hospital. The health center later communicated to the family that the body of the young man was “examined by the doctors on duty, who diagnosed him chest wounds with entry and exit hole”And that he had died on the way.

Prosecutor Alejandro Ferlazzo interviewed Facundo’s friends who said that “they were gathered at the place when a gray Renault Clio passed by, from which they made detonations.” The representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered to summon those who were with the victim to interview them again at the headquarters of the Prosecutor’s Office and ordered that the body be transferred to the Medical Legal Institute for its autopsy and ballistics study.

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