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“He didn’t even try to stop, he rammed them and kept going” …

“At the moment there is no element or indication” that indicates that the two motorcyclists intentionally run over by Carolina Píparo’s husband they were the same ones who would have stolen his cell phone, as denounced by the Buenos Aires deputy. This was indicated by judicial sources, while the lawyer representing the two young men ratified Page 12 which will request that the case be labeled as “Attempted double homicide with eventual fraud”.

Consulted by this newspaper, the lawyer Martín de Vargas assured that “The robbery is a hypothesis, because there is no evidence to corroborate that it existed”. Commented that Píparo “said that the robbery occurred around 2.30” on January 1, while the boys were run over at around 3.30 “on the first day of the year. “There is a considerable time distance and generally, in a robbery of this type, the perpetrators escape and move away from the scene.” He added that for the moment “There is a record of the security cameras on how they were run over, but there are no records of the alleged theft”. Vargas insisted that “if the robbery is true, which I doubt, it is clear that the two boys have nothing to do with any crime.”

“She (Píparo) told the newspaper El Día (from La Plata) that they met the boys when they were going to the police station to report the theft, but the curious thing is that when they were run over they were circulating in the opposite direction to the place where the 1st police station is, so that there is a contradiction that must be clarified ”. He specified that “the police station is near Plaza Moreno and they (Píparo and her husband) were moving away from Plaza Moreno.”

De Vargas said that “the only certainty is that the boys, Iván and Luis, were run over on purpose and left with their heads blown out, lying on the asphalt.” He said that the videos show that Juan Ignacio Bazali, Píparo’s husband, “He did not even try to brake, he rammed them and continued. And on that four-block journey from La Plata, we are talking about 500 meters, and on that journey he ran over at least four cars. ”

The motorcycle had been stuck under the Fiat 500L in which the couple was riding. “The two boys, fortunately within the terrible thing of the case, were thrown off the motorcycle and one of them fell to the asphalt after going over the car.” The two suffered blows, wounds and trauma to the head and various parts of the body. “They are miraculously alive,” Vargas stressed. “It was an escape in the style of Fast and furious”.

The lawyer stressed that “although the theft hypothesis is true, and they saw the boys and ran them over because they made a mistake and believed they were the alleged thieves, anyway, there is the crime of double attempted murder, because they used the car as a weapon to kill, because they fully know that the car is an ideal means of killing ”. He estimated that the responsibility is joint, not only the driver of the car. He added that “we must also analyze if Píparo told the truth when he spoke of the robbery, because it would be an aggravating factor for a false report, for false testimony because she is obliged to tell the truth and as a legislator she knows it very well ”.

On the other hand, judicial sources confirmed that the youths run over gave testimonial statements before the prosecutor in the case, Eugenia Di Lorenzo. The spokesmen said that “for the moment there is no element or indication that indicates that they had to do with the theft that was reported”,

It turned out that the iPhone whose theft was reported by Píparo has already been recovered, because it was found, thrown in the street, by a young couple. Apparently, the discovery was in a place that has no relation to the streets where the two young men who were run over were driving. In the case, at the moment, there is no direct accusation against Juan Ignacio Buzali, Píparo’s husband. The defense of the driver of the car was assumed by the lawyer Fernando Burlando.

Buzali was only notified about the opening of a case for “negligent injuries”. The driver of the Fiat 500L will be summoned, once the round of witnesses of the event is over. The victims are Luis Lavalle, 23, and Iván, a 17-year-old teenager. The two live in the rural area of ​​La Plata and were in the city witnessing the traditional doll burning that always takes place on New Years.

Sources in the case admitted that It is going to investigate why Píparo’s husband was not given a breathalyzer test, after his furious raid through the streets of La Plata. This is because several eyewitnesses assured that the driver had “attitudes of a person who is under the influence of alcohol”.

The first complaint

“A car hit a motorcycle and it fled.” That was the description provided by a neighbor from La Plata in the call to 911 to request assistance to the young people run over by the husband of the provincial deputy Carolina Píparo.

In the audio of the telephone communication that was known this Saturday, a witness to the event asked the agency in charge of attending emergencies for an “urgent ambulance at 21 between 39 and 40” to help the injured. At the beginning of the conversation the woman explained: “A vehicle collided with a motorcycle and continued. Other motorcycles are following him ”.

“Then a car hit a motorcycle. Are there any injuries?” The 911 worker asked. “Yes, there are wounded. There is a boy lying“replied the woman who witnessed the incident.

Faced with the question from the emergency center, the neighbor pointed out that the vehicle “fled.” He added that the neighbors, in several vehicles and motorcycles, began to follow the driver of the car, outraged by what happened. Píparo said when making the complaint, that they fled because groups of “motochorros” were chasing them.

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