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Hate videos sent – German ISIS supporter (23) has to go to jail

As one of many passengers, Florian F. (23) wanted to board the plane from London to Cologne on October 12, 2020. But then counterterrorism officials stopped him at Stansted Airport – arrest!

The suspicion: The German is said to have distributed ISIS execution videos, even planned a terrorist attack. The officers confiscated and examined his phone and found incriminating footage that suggests extremist sentiments.

Last Tuesday, F. had to answer for his offenses before the Woolwich Crown Court. This found the 23-year-old guilty and sentenced him to three years and eight months in prison

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“The news and content found on the phone was clear evidence of a hateful Islamist ideology that he supported. The videos he shared and the conversations about it showed that F. was indulging in extreme terrorist violence, ”said Commander Richard Smith, who heads the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command Oversight (SO15). Citing Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000, his unit F. arrested about a year ago.

When questioned by police, F. said the material on his phone was downloaded from open source media websites and he was unaware that it was illegal.

Smith said: “This type of content is extremely harmful to those who view it and it endangers the safety of Londoners. We would like to urge anyone who comes across videos showing or calling for terrorism to report this to the police immediately. “

Florian F. admits sending videos

The court found it proven that the German sent Daesh propaganda videos showing extreme terrorist violence to a friend via a messenger app on six occasions between July and September 2020. The now convicted admitted in court that he had sent a video each time.

But that’s not all: the two men exchanged messages over a long period of time, some of which referred to the commission of acts of violence and in which they expressed their support for the goals of Daesh.

According to BILD information, they are said to have exchanged views on how they could carry out a terrorist attack. The execution video was then sent out. The 23-year-old could not prove any concrete attack plans.

In addition, Florian F. is now subject to a ten-year reporting obligation in accordance with Section 41 of the 2008 Anti-Terrorism Act.

Before the Woolwich Crown Court, he had pleaded guilty to six counts of disseminating a terrorist publication (under Section 2 of the Terrorism Act 2006).

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