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Has China’s space program lost its years of hard work? | america – World

The Space Agency (CMSA), which functions as a branch of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China, has received the green signal for Tianhe, the first module of the Space Station of China, last month. The CMSA has also selected 18 new astronauts for this station. But this step of China is not embracing America. The US is not only feeling threatened by this, but experts believe that this game of making space a battleground can lead to war situations between the two forces.

In US, US Department of Defense Pentagon this year Focus Report on China It has been warned that the US remains equal to China. Along with the exercise of war on cyber, electronic and psychological fronts, China has also accused China of promoting policies related to war in space. Now the question is why America is so angry? Is China Really Beating America in the Space Race?

‘China should not be treated like Soviet Union’
In the foreign media quoting Major General Kayo Liang of Chinese Air Force, it came a statement that it would be America’s mistake to consider China as Soviet Union. “If the US thinks that it will drag China into an arms race and destroy it like the Soviet, then the result may be that China will not be China.”read this also :- Explained: What is India’s K Missile Family and how important is it?

How is China’s dominance increasing?

The Pentagon report states that China’s defense policy is limited to its space and cyber Space programs Is designed according to In this report, a lot of concerns have been expressed about China’s growing dominance in space. Similarly, a Washington think tank has admitted that China is currently behind the US and Russia in terms of space power, but by the year 2030, China may be at the top.

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This claim has been attributed to the continued growth of China’s military intelligence-related satellites network and the successful launch of 32 rockets last year. Because in the last year, America launched 21 such launches and China was ahead in this matter for the second consecutive year.

How will China’s space station be?
America is accepting this move of China that China is also making space a battleground. It has been said that China’s first space station will be with fighters. With the possibility of launching in 2021, Telling the news That this station will be in orbit at 380 km altitude with inclination from 41 to 43 degrees.

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In the US, the 15-member think tank China Task Force has issued a blueprint saying that by 2022, China will be able to match the US if it manages to launch a long-term space station module.

War and counterattack
Both America and China are not deterred from accusing each other. The US, which is also aggressively pursuing the move to build a human base on the moon, has not left any effort in describing the policies of the Communist Party of China as dangerous, on the other hand, China has clearly said that China cannot be blackmailed. If any country is bent on making the space a fourth ground, then China will not bear this pressure.

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Both China and the US, which has done extensive militarization in space, who are talking about giving a befitting reply to the US space force, are also in a face-to-face position in the South Chinese sea. Think tanks believe that China’s rapid advance in terms of space is becoming an open challenge for America’s global domination and NASA’s years of hard work, so both countries are reaching the point of war.

It is also significant in the Pentagon’s report that China selected 7 pilots, 7 space flight engineers and four space weapons specialists out of 2500 candidates for the first space station, keeping the process open to civilians for the first time. Earlier, only Air Force pilots were getting these appointments.

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