Hard setback for Bill Gates: Sweden bans his project to “cover the sun” to combat global warming

Bill Gates did not expect his experiment solar geoengineering it was to be canceled by the Swedish authorities. The magnate had embarked these months ago in a scandalous project with ambitions worthy of a god, his intention was “cover the sun“.

The founder of Microsoft he wanted to artificially cool planet Earth to “stop global warming.” The multi-million dollar project Bill Gates it was called Stratospheric Controlled Disturbance Experiment and it was piloted by a team of scientists from Harvard University in the US.

There was very little left to carry out this first test of the project SCoPEx to “cover the sun”. This coming June, the American philanthropist was getting ready to pour tons of calcium carbonate powder to achieve attenuation of solar radiation.

And what does Sweden look like in all this? Well, a lot. The chemical powder was to be released from the Esrange Space Station, located in the city of Kiruna, in the extreme north of Sweden. Dust tapasoles it would be transported to a height of 20 kilometers using a balloon specially manufactured by Bill Gates’ team for this purpose.

A giant helium balloon rises from the Esrange space station near Kiruna, Sweden I Swedish Space Corporation

Indians vs. Gates

But the computer programmer did not expect that, under the sky of his experiment, several indigenous communities lived that they were not going to play the Swedes. The philanthropist’s idea has angered these peoples and they have resolutely refused to let the substances they do not know be released under their heads. In addition, they have shown their total distrust towards Bill Gates, not understanding the reasons why the billionaire has decided to go to the far north of Sweden to test his inventions.

For this reason, leaders of the indigenous Sami reindeer herders of Sweden they wrote to the space agency opposing the experiment. In fact, Bill Gates has been criticized for not taking the environment into account, which is why his “green” project has been rejected by other environmental groups in Sweden.

Thus an internal war has been opened between the vigilantes of Climate Change. Among them, Åsa Larsson Blind, vice president of the Sami Council, said in a statement that such technological arrangements were “completely against what we have to do now: transform zero-carbon societies in harmony with nature,” the activist said. , as collected by the agency Reuters.

Sami Indians

“Dangerous” project

Finally, this past Wednesday, March 31, the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), which operates at the Esrange station, announced that the test flight would not take place: “The scientific community is divided on geoengineering, including related technology tests, such as the planned technical balloon test flight from Esrange this summer, “the SSC argued in a statement, citing dialogues it had with leading geoengineering experts and other stakeholders, as well as with the Council. SCoPEx advisor.

“There are prestigious voices both for and against research in the field. However, there is no clear international line on whether this type of research is appropriate. The SSC, for this reason, “has decided not to carry out the technical test flight scheduled for this summer,” the statement concluded.

Notably, the June flight would only have a limited range as part of a major study, but has met with fierce opposition. It is the first time that green groups have faced each other in this way, making it clear that the theory about the climate apocalypse is not so clear as the interested green lobbies make it look. The point is that, now, green activists and scientists are faced with a climate change hotshot who does not intend to reverse his experiments.

Remember that Bill Gates recently released his book “How to avoid a weather disaster“and does not relent in its efforts to comply with the commandments of the Agenda 2030, designed by Davos Forum plutocracy, with Klaus Schwab as director and representative of the World Economic Forum.

Solar geoengineering to dim the sun was one of the priority goals set in Davos, but indigenous peoples and various Swedish environmental groups have foiled Bill Gates and his team of scientists.

Johanna Sandahl, president of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, one of Sweden’s largest environmental groups, called the SSC’s decision to stop the planned test “a relief.”

The activist assured that Bill Gates’s intentions carried great risk and that, under the pretext of saving the planet, the American was going to end up charging it. “It is a rejection of a technology with the potential for extreme consequences that pcould alter hydrological cycles, disrupt monsoon patterns and increase drought, “he warned, describing the techniques as” too dangerous to be used. “

David Keith, part of the SCoPEx project and professor of applied physics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, asserted that the decision of the Swedish authorities has been a “severe setback” for them. However, Gates is not used to having any government cancel his plans, so he is not going to sit idly by.

The scientists involved have already advanced that they will try to convince the Swedish government to carry out the experiment. In the coming months they will work to win the opinion of Sweden and generate sufficient support for the test.

Lastly, some scientists and environmental experts believe that such solar geoengineering technology could be necessary if the climate apocalypse becomes a reality. Gates’ technology would be used in case of unmanageable weather threats, but there is still no certainty about that.

The blow from environmental groups, after all, shows that the theory of climate change that supports their struggles and subsidies, when push comes to shove, is not so accurate. The green tale falls apart.

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