HappyPo: Butt shower from the lion’s den is sold for millions

Those were the five strangest moments at “The Lion’s Den” 2017.

1. With his invention against Rust film Oliver Rokitta got a deal with Ralf Dümmel in the dishwasher. But that wasn’t enough for Rokitta, he used the interview after the success and proposed marriage to his girlfriend Nadine. Since the broadcast was recorded in early 2017, Rokitta had to keep the application secret for nine months. The reward: Nadine said “yes”.

2. “The little shower after big business.” The handy butt shower “HappyPo” should replace the use of toilet paper and also be more hygienic. The “lioness” Dagmar Wöhrl likes the bidet just in case, she secured 25 percent of the company for 120,000 euros.

3. Marcus König left with his invention “Yummynator”, one Food bowl with non-slip pad in the lion’s den. König demonstrated the bowls with puppies and convinced investor Ralf Dümmel. But it wasn’t just the inventor who did business – one of the pups made a pile right at the lions’ feet.

4. A horse in the lion’s den – the founders of Goodsmith from Munich developed a hoof protection for horses. The alternative to horseshoe will with Velcro fastener attached. They got animal support for their pitch – without success, the “lions” refused.

5. Manuela Apitzsch and Marie Papenkort founded this Baby-Spa “Mabyen”. Relaxation for babies with whirlpool and massages. The founders have also developed their own care products for small children. They presented their idea on a baby, of course – and got a deal with Judith Williams.

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