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Hanging plants; macramé is once again a trend in home decoration

Macrame is a technique of creating fabrics using decorative knots. They were widely used in interior decoration in the 70s and now hanging potted plants are gaining ground when it comes to decorating the home.

The houses of our grandmothers and aunts were characterized by this way of wearing the bushes inside the houses. Currently, macramé as a decorative element is gaining more ground in our homes every day.

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Hanging plants give a cozy feeling to the environments, they also make us be in contact with nature in a way that only with this style can we experience.

Hanging plants make your home warmer and chic

Don’t think that hanging plants with macramé fabrics are a thing of the past. These fabrics are perfect for hanging from the ceiling or the wall.

In addition to giving a cozy touch to your home, the macramé helps the plants and pots have a boho chic style.

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One of the greatest charms of this trend is that there is a wide variety of knots ranging from lark, square to spiral. In other words, you’ll find a lot of bargains at home decor stores, though you can also learn the art of weaving macramé and take advantage of an entertaining and productive time at home.

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With the return of hanging plants you will not only find a good decoration. Nature helps purify the air, tranquility and freshness in your home.

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Clay, terracotta, plastic pots and even the most creative ones with glass bottles can be perfect to decorate your home with the elegant touch that we can only find in macramé.

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