On April 3, the popular singer Sergei Lazarev posted on Instagram a series of photos of himself against the background of the famous Mexican landmark – the natural arch of Cabo san Lucas.

“Every tourist wants to take a picture with her … But something tells me that you are not looking at the arch right now,” the 38-year-old singer wrote coquettishly.

The fact is that he is captured in the pictures with a naked torso and is clearly flexing his muscles at the camera. Fans of Lazarev in the comments, one after another, began to confirm that they really paid attention to the arch only after they read the signature, and initially their gaze was directed to something else.

The singer received a compliment from one particular admirer.

“Handsome,” Lera Kudryavtseva wrote to him in the comments, adding a smiley face in the form of fire.

Recall that these two stars met for four years and were a very bright couple of Russian show business. After breaking up in 2021, the man and woman remained friends. Lera got married and became a mother for the second time, and Sergei had children from a girl whom he does not want to advertise.

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