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Hamm weeps for victims – funeral march for murdered Hannah († 25)

Hamm – It was a sign of sympathy: 400 mostly young people commemorated the murdered Hannah S. († 25) on Saturday evening in Hamm with a funeral march.

They walked the same route that the young woman took on September 19 after a night of partying before she met her killer in a park. At the scene of the crime, people laid flowers and candles, said prayers, and hugged each other.

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The public prosecutor’s office is safe: Simon S. (27) is said to have killed the educator in cold blood with a knife. Hannah was stabbed in the heart. At dawn, passers-by found her half-naked body.

Three days after the murder, the convicted sex criminal was arrested at his home near the crime scene. His landlady had brought the police on his trail. He had slashed her car tires, possibly with the murder weapon.

Investigators were able to restore a photo of Hannah’s body on Simon S.’s cell phone. The woman’s blood was also found on a knife in his home. And: During the autopsy, forensic doctors are said to have secured DNA material from Simon S. under the fingernails of the dead.

The suspect is in custody in the Dortmund JVA and is silent on the allegations. He should be psychiatric examined, as a spokesman for the prosecutor announced on Friday.

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