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Hamilton snatches victory from Verstappen in the Spanish GP

The British seven-time champion passed the Dutch Red Bull driver in the final laps to clinch the win in Barcelona

The English pilot Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) he won Spanish Grand Prix from Formula 1 disputed in the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia and thus increased his distance as leader of the World Cup to 14 points in a race in which the Mexican Czech Pérez (Red Bull) finished fifth and the Spanish Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) Y Fernando Alonso (Alpine) were seventh and seventeenth, respectively.

Also, with this triumph Hamilton becomes the first driver to win five consecutive times the Spanish Grand Prix and equals Michael sSchumacher as the driver who has won it the most times in total: six.

But overtaking Max Verstappen a Lewis Hamilton In the first corner, when he slipped through the inside and the two favorites to win the World Cup hit each other slightly, he marked a large part of the race on a track where it is very difficult to gain positions on the track.

The swerve of Hamilton to avoid touching with Verstappen Going older caused his teammate, Valtteri Bottas, had to brake and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) took advantage of it to advance him and place himself in third position.

The departure of Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), who saw how they got over it Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) and the Mexican Czech Pérez (Red Bull) and fell from sixth to eighth position. For its part, Fernando Alonso remained in tenth place.

On lap 8 to the Japanese Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri) the car stopped, something that already happened to him on Friday during free practice, and it was located on the outside of the remodeled Turn 10, creating a dangerous situation that led to the exit of the ‘safety car’.

At the resumption of the race Verstappen managed to maintain the first position and those who managed to advance a place were Czech Pérez, from seventh to sixth to the detriment of Esteban Ocon (Alpine), Y Lance Stroll (Aston Martin), from the eleventh to the tenth to the detriment of Fernando Alonso, which was momentarily out of the dotted zone.

The Dutchman’s lead was in jeopardy at the first stop to change tires, when his mechanics made a long stop of 4.2 seconds. But this error was not enough for Hamilton will recover the first position even though Mercedes resolved his first pit stop in 2.7 seconds.

If the tire change favored Sainz, which gained a position to the detriment of Ocon, Alonso it did not move from eleventh place. On the other hand, this pit entry meant that Bottas he will regain his third position.

When leaving the pitlane, Hamilton saw how Verstappen It took him 6 seconds, but from that moment on, the seven-time world champion imposed a very high pace and gradually diminished the advantage until it fell below the second with 30 laps to go to the end of the race.

However, the Dutch driver increased his performance when he saw the shadow of Hamilton, in a sign that during the previous laps he was taking care of the tires, and the distance stagnated in the second.

Unlike on Friday and Saturday, in which the public could not enter the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia1,000 spectators, all of them subscribers to the Barcelona track, witnessed the race from the Main Tribune of the finish line with a safety distance and masks after having passed a temperature control.

With 23 laps to go, Hamilton made his second tire change with a quick stop of just 2.3 seconds. Instead, Verstappen decided to go at first to only one and thus endure until the end with very worn tires, as the Dutchman himself warned by radio to the engineers of Red Bull: “I don’t know how we’re going to get to the end.”

In the meantime, Czech Pérez made one of the great overtakes of the race when passing through the outside to Ricciardo at the end of the finish line to take fifth, a position that he would not abandon until he saw the checkered flag.

Hamilton was cutting the distance by more than one second per lap with Verstappen, which was 11 seconds with 15 laps remaining, and the Dutchman could not resist the power of the Mercedes of the English when he reached 6 from the end. The overtaking precisely took place in the first corner, where he returned the play of the first lap.

Then VerstappenWith the victory already ruled out, he finally decided to make the second stop to change tires and thus set the fastest lap of the race, which earned him an extra point.

For its part, the team Alpine erred in the strategy of the second stop of Alonso and the Spanish rider was deflated to seventeenth place, a jug of cold water after eighth place achieved in Portimao the previous weekend.

Things were better for the other Spaniard, Sainz, who achieved a remarkable seventh place despite having made a poor start.

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