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Haircuts with bangs that flatter 40 women and are in fashion

Bangs alert! The haircuts of the season make it very clear: the fringe returns to the trends and with it, all its rejuvenating attributesEspecially for women in their 40s, who want to combine elegance with modernity.

Of course, a very fundamental aspect is not to renounce simplicity and practicality, because we do not want to spend too much time on our schedules to fix them, Question that makes the bangs so successful because it is capable of changing your entire look in just a couple of minutes.

Haircuts with bangs for women of 40 years

Bob with bangs

It is classic, elegant and very practical to maintain. Admit that you fix the fringe according to your face type but for the mission ‘take years off’ they recommend that this be XL. The reason? It gives a more youthful image as well as more movement and dimension to the mane.


Entering the haircuts that are all the rage from 2020 to the present, the shag and mullet are two stars that generate the same effect with a more modern look.

According to the stylist Charo García, for ABC, “The trick is that very modern based on straight lines, or casual with layers and paraded so that the hair regain volume and movement lost over the years“.

Haircuts with long layers

But for those who still do not want to give up their long hair, the curtain bangs are the ideal. According to the same specialist, these “help to give a youthful appearance to the face, in addition to covering wrinkles.”

In addition, it gives a very versatile style that can be styled with a bow or pigtails and let the bangs take center stage on the face, quite seductive.

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