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Hair look 2021: the colors that suit everyone

This season the makeovers arrive to receive the summer completely renewed, and looking the best version of ourselves during the hot season. To change our appearance and highlight our best attributes, it is necessary to consider changing the tone of our hair to illuminate it, give it dimension, volume and shine. Here are the dyes and techniques that will help you achieve the hair look 2021 what do you want.

Undoubtedly, something that we can notice about the trends of this year, is the return to natural beauty that is complemented by the tones of the season and reflections that mimic the sunlight. Although some fantasy colors They will also become the favorites of the following seasons, these classic and timeless tones will remain in our hair.

In addition to enhancing skin color, these effects will They add volume, dimension and movement to the hair. Therefore, they are perfect to encourage you to change the appearance of your hair to obtain a fresher and more modern image.

Hair look 2021, the most versatile colors

Reddish brown

Reddish brown tones bring warmth and color to the hair. You can wear it all over your hair or choose an effect to give it movement and dimension, we assure you that you will fall in love with this color. If you want to illuminate only some areas of your hair creating the effect of sunlight, opt for some baby lights.

Chestnut tones

This year you can play with the different shades of brown hair to lighten your hair or simply give it movement through color effects. It is undoubtedly a good option for those who want lighter hair without risking blonde tones.

Chocolate hair

Chocolate hair has gained popularity for its natural look. One of the most popular ways among celebrities to wear this color is to combine warm and cool tones to achieve hair with greater dimension and movement. To ensure that you are using the proper technique, consult a professional colorist first who can guide you on the appropriate shades for your skin tone.

Effect Sun kissed

The color effects that resemble the reflections of the Sun on the hair will be the most desired during the summer of this year. In addition to being very discreet and natural, they are perfect for lightening the hair and giving it shine, the best thing is that they can adapt to any complexion.


The healthy black hair It will be one of the most desired tones, those who enjoy this natural color in their hair will be able to give it greater shine with slightly lighter reflections. This color will help you spend more time away from the salon if your hair is dark, since the difference is not as noticeable as with lighter colors.

Caramel tones

Caramel tones add warmth and movement to dark hairThey can be worn in subtle effects like baby lights or in color gradients like a balayage. Is achieved lightening highlights from a dark base for a contrasting effect between dark brown and light brown.

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