The hair dyes are the determining factor between a look rejuvenecedor and one that ends up adding years to your appearance. The color of your mane it can change the whole game in the face of your face and it is very common to select a tone during your early youth and stay aligned with it during your next decades, without taking into account the multiple changes that your skin goes through throughout weather.

According to the stylist Megan Graham, creator of the beauty salon and boutique, Megan Graham Beauty, this is precisely one of the most common mistakes when selecting a hair dye: staying during all stages of your life with the same color, forgetting that the hue of your skin also changes as a result of exposure to the sun, genetics or simply, the inevitable passage of time.

When choosing your hair dye ‘what you really want to do is highlight the best of your skin and soften some fine lines. It doesn’t mean you want to look like someone completely different, you just want a little more shine, a look a little healthier, ‘explains the stylist in one of her YouTube videos.

Thus, Graham also gives some advice regarding the dyes that harden the face in contrast to other styles that soften the face. Here are some options.

What are the hair dyes that make you look older?

Black or brown too dark

‘I see a lot of chestnuts trying to stay in a super dark hair color. But when someone has more mature skin they use a dark tone, highlights all fine lines of your skin. It’s okay if you have sun spots or pigmentation, but adding very dark color just makes things look worse, ‘says Megan Graham.

What is the solution? According to the stylist, the more rejuvenating hair dyes They are those that go about two tones below your natural color, tending towards the warm range.

Rubio cenizo

Graham says that, in her experience, those who don’t go for an extremely dark color go to the other extreme: dye it too blonde, taking it to the point of rkilled cenizo, which can result in an error according to the natural tone of your skin. Blondes have a transformative effect, ‘the more ash you wear your color, the more similar it will be to gray’.

How to put a twist on this color choice? Megan suggests taking as a reference your hair tone from when you were four years old, find that the hair dye you are going to select is connected to the hue of that time and, along the same lines, look for a tone that is slightly lighter. It applies to both brunettes and blondes.

Cold fantasy colors

If you are one of those who like to experiment, there is no problem with wearing this fun trend that has emerged as a result of the confinement period, however, you should know that fantasy hair tones play with the extremes of the color palette, that is, it is very likely that a dark blue or deep purple harden your countenance, since they are cold colors.

Instead, if you want to join wear fancy colors and give a glow a soft to your face, pastel shades can be an excellent option.

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