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Hair dyes for brunettes, summer trends

This season is when it occurs to us to make a change of look, not only because of the change of season, but also because we begin to dream of enjoying the summer wearing our best version. That is why we have investigated what are the hair dye for brunettes that you can start wearing now and that will help give your hair light, volume and dimension.

When it comes to hair color trends, no shade is considered old-fashioned, as what changes in the look of beauty are the techniques that are used to create a new look. This season, one of the hottest trends will be wearing techniques that add shine, dimension and movement to the hair in a subtle way. That is why below we give you some ideas that will serve as inspiration for your next look change.

Hair dyes for brunettes

Copper red

For warm skin, this shade is the ideal complement, either in a full tint or accompanied by lighting effects that provide greater movement and dimension to the hair to give a fuller appearance. This color is characterized by providing rusty reddish tones that make curly or wavy hair look with the reflections of the sun.

To revive the look of the hair, it is recommended to choose highlights in sections of the hair on a dark base, in this way the reflection of the sun is imitated while adding a touch of color that highlights the tones of brown skin.

Stone blonde

Inspiration for this technique comes from mineral rocks, which display different shades that reflect sunlight. In the case of hair, a ‘sweeping’ effect is created in platinum tones that give it a unique shine.

To get it, it is worked on an ashy tone, either in blonde or brown hair, once having this color by means of a tint or discoloration, more accentuated golden lights are created at the ends and a gloss is applied to give it more shine.

Cinnamon tones

A great alternative for brunette girls, is to create highlights in shades of cinnamon, which is a reddish brown color. In this way, the base of its dark natural color is maintained and it is given more dimension. Dark reddish tones warm the face, allowing the face to appear healthier and more tanned.


The beige tones they combine perfectly with brown hair. You can concentrate the highlights on the front or combine them with a gradient for a more harmonious effect of light tips. This year one of the most popular trends indicates that the locks close to the face are visibly lighter than the rest of the hair.

Chocolate hair

Chocolate hair has gained popularity for its natural look. One of the most popular ways among celebrities to wear this color is to combine warm and cool tones to achieve hair with greater dimension and movement.

To ensure that you are using the proper technique, consult a professional colorist first who can guide you on the appropriate shades for your skin tone.

Caramel color

Color effects in caramel tones they will be the most desired, as they help to add dimension and contrast to dark hair. You can wear it in highlights or gradients to keep your natural color at the root and extend the time to touch up your color.

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