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Hair colors for dark brunettes that will be a trend this season

If you love to maintain a natural image, but want to transform your appearance during spring, these will be the hair color trends for dark brunettes that you should know for your next visit to the beauty salon. Here we tell you what are the techniques that expert colorists have already begun to perform on celebrities and influencers and that will become the most requested techniques of the year.

Undoubtedly, something that we can notice about the trends of this year, is the return to natural beauty that is complemented by the tones of the season and reflections that mimic the sunlight. Although some fantasy colors They will also become the favorites of the following seasons, these classic and timeless tones will remain in our hair.

Hair color ideas for dark brunettes

Caramel color

Color effects in caramel tones they will be the most desired, as they help to add dimension and contrast to dark hair. You can wear it in highlights or gradients to keep your natural color at the root and extend the time to touch up your color.

Brown hair

This year you can play with the different shades of brown hair to lighten your hair, or simply give it movement through effects of mahogany, dark brown, light, chocolate or reddish colors. You can wear it on all hair, gradient effects or highlights. It is undoubtedly a good option for those who want lighter hair without risking blonde tones.

Milk chocolate

Chocolate shades are perfect for giving hair volume and dimension.. You can wear it in color effects like balayage or baby lights for a discreet change. Ash blonde highlights on dark hair will be one of the most popular trends among brunettes to add dimension to their hair without dealing with reddish or orange tones.

Lights in hair

To mimic the reflections of natural light on your hair, choose shades slightly lighter than your natural shade to give it movement and subtly change its appearance.

Cinnamon tones

A great alternative for brunette girls, is to create highlights in shades of cinnamon, which is a reddish brown color. In this way, the base of its dark natural color is maintained and it is given more dimension. Dark reddish tones warm the face, allowing the face to appear healthier and more tanned.

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