This season, there are many hair color options to help you maintain a look natural and shiny hair of healthy appearance. One of them is ebony, a dark brown shade that provides the perfect contrast with the skin. Here’s how to wear it for a subtle look change.

Hair color 2021

The best thing about this hair color is that it does not require constant touch-ups in the case of women with Brown hair. This is because there is no obvious contrast between the natural shade of the hair and the ebony color.

It can be worn on younger women to add shine to their hair or on more mature women to cover gray hair. In addition to maintaining a jovial and carefree appearance without being too obvious.

In addition, this color is so versatile that you can change it according to the season, accompanying it with lights in honey or ash tones. You can even change its appearance with a balayage, for a gradient effect from roots to ends that will make your change of look more evident.

To find the right color effect for you, we recommend seeing a professional colorist. They can guide you as to the most suitable style according to your look and lifestyle.

Regarding the ideal hair length to wear this colorIt can be on short hair, which can be achieved with a chin-length bob. Also a long haircut and layers, also going through medium styles such as the Lob, at the height of the shoulders. The ideal length depends on the shape of each person’s face, as well as the personal preferences of each one in terms of the style they wish to project.

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