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Hail of bullets in the middle of the bus: there is a thief dead and a policeman injured | Chronicle

A criminal died and a police officer was injured after a shooting aboard a bus tonight in the Buenos Aires town of San Francisco Solano, sources from the investigation reported.

The event was registered in a group on line 257, when at least two armed robbers got on with theft, in said town of the Almirante Brown party.

Sources of the investigation informed Télam that on board the bus was an official of the City Police, free on duty and in civilian clothes.

According to spokesmen, when the thieves wanted to steal the policeman’s belongings, the man identified himself as such and took out his service weapon, after which he began shooting at them.

The criminals also fired shots and a shootout began aboard the bus that ended when one of the assailants fell to the ground seriously injured.

Meanwhile, the officer also suffered a gunshot wound as a result of the confrontation, sources from the investigation reported.

After the shooting, the bus driver went to the San Francisco Solano Children’s and Family Clinic, located at 843 and 895 streets, where a doctor confirmed the death of the thief who was lying on the floor of the unit.

For his part, the policeman, who works in Operative Group III of the Urban Operations Division (DOU) of the Buenos Aires force, was treated tonight for the gunshot wound at the aforementioned health center.

In turn, at least one accomplice of the deceased criminal escaped after the shooting.

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