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Habits that you can reinforce to become your daughter’s best friend and make her happier

Although experts on the subject are cautious when recommending it, It is always a good idea to work on having a best friend relationship with your daughter. so that there is always harmony, trust and cordiality between you.

Obviously there are certain limits that should never be exceeded and respect must always exist above things, However, the relationship between parents and children must integrate some traits of friendship so that it flourishes over time, is healthy and eliminates distances.

Habits that will help you become your daughter’s best friend

Listen to their problems

One of the most frequent problems, and the most inconvenient it brings, is not listening empathically to young people, without ridiculing their feelings or problems, however minor or absurd they may seem.

This immediately creates a barrier that will keep your daughter from looking for you when she is in trouble, creating distance. A great tip is to practice listening, more than speaking, to give correct emotional support without this meaning solving their problems.

Get involved in your daughter’s hobbies

Nothing brings mom and daughter closer than being able to share doing something that they both enjoy This will bond the bonds, create memorable memories, and build trust.

From a restaurant reservation, organizing a walk, exercising or enjoying a board game are activities that lead to intimate conversations. Of course, it is important not to force the conversations but that little by little concerns arise.

Respect their privacy

In any friendship relationship there is space for each person to have their moments of intimacy, privacy and distance., so you also have to learn to give them their space even if it costs at first.

This way, your daughter will be able to develop an independent identity, gain self-confidence to learn to make her own decisions and she will defend herself.

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