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Habits that make you age quickly and you didn’t even suspect

Aging is inevitable, but there are some habits that accelerate the signs of aging, and perhaps you did not know it.

To make you more aware of it, we will tell you some of the habits that you have that make you age quickly and you should stop immediately.

Habits that make you age quickly and you didn’t even suspect

Apply creams to the face before sleeping

Applying creams that hydrate your face is normal, but you should not do it right when you are going to sleep, especially if you sleep on your stomach or on your side.

And it is that rubbing your face with the pillow can remove the product, and thus you will not achieve the goal you want, so it is recommended that you apply it at least one hour before going to bed so that your face absorbs it.

Rub your eyes and do not use contour cream

Rubbing your eyes is the worst thing you can do for your face and skin, and it breaks down collagen, causing wrinkles to appear in that area.

So avoid doing it, or at least do not do it frequently and it is also advisable to always use eye contour, as you will keep this area that is so fine and ages faster, hydrated and will delay wrinkles.

Sleeping with your face on the pillow

Believe it or not, sleeping with your face on the pillow accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, as it reduces the collagen in the skin.

So avoid sleeping on your stomach or side, and also do not use a cotton cover, but a silk one, and you will see how your face will look better and fresher.

Keep the heat very high

The cold is not good, but it is not good to keep the heat so high, as it causes dryness and irritation of the epidermis.

So keep a good level of humidity in the rooms with a humidifier, and your skin will appreciate it.

Bother you

Believe it or not, being upset and pessimistic is a bad habit, not only for your health, but also for your face, and accelerates aging.

And it is that when being upset and frowning, wrinkles will begin to appear quickly on the forehead and on the sides of the mouth, generating an effect that you do not want.

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