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Ha ha ha! – The funniest animal photos in the world

Singing kangaroos, blasphemous raccoons, giggling baby seals –

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been choosing the funniest animal pictures in the world since 2015. The jury consists of twelve environmental activists and photographers who want to campaign for species protection with the award.

This year 42 pictures made it to the final. The jury will decide on October 22nd which one is the funniest.

BILD shows some of the favorites. On the Website of the price you can vote for your darling.

The singing kangaroo

The grim star

The playing brown bear babies

The monkey with the rope problem

The tired owl

The whisper bears

The cuddly bears

The singing baboon

David versus Goliath

The arrogant agame

Raccoon shows paw

Direction dispute among penguins

The weeping ground squirrel

Mudskipper at the high jump

The giggling baby seal

Boxfish finds Nemo

Vervet monkey makes health care

Kodiak bear poses for brushes

Pigeon gets headwind

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