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Gunmen derail train to steal luxury cars in Veracruz

A train, loaded with luxury vehicles for export to Europe, it derailed early this Wednesday in the mountainous area of ​​Veracruz, at the height of the place known as La Pera, in the municipality of Acultzingo.

According to versions of the police, armed men tried to stop the train to steal the merchandise, causing at least 11 wagons to be derailed.

The criminals cut more than two meters from the rails at kilometer 293 + 300, which caused the train derailment, which was transporting Volkswagen cars and which left Puebla.


According to the secretary general of Section 20 of the National Union of Railroad Workers of the Mexican Republic (STFRM), Hermilo Bello Merino, thanks to a system called “airship”, which gives a certain elasticity to the machines between the rails, the crew He managed to pass the cut section, but the wagons overturned.

Likewise, millionaire losses were reported.

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