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Gunman in hotel barricades himself and evacuates employees and guests

  • A gunman remains entrenched in a hotel in the United States where shots have been heard.
  • As soon as a gunman was present at the hotel, they ordered hundreds of employees and guests to evacuate from the “immediate area”.
  • The gunman has been barricaded in the hotel for hours while the authorities try to calm him down so that he turns himself in.

A gunman has been barricaded in a hotel in the United States for several hours, leading to the evacuation of hundreds of employees and guests, as authorities try to resolve the tense situation.

Fox News reported on Sunday that hundreds of employees and guests at a hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital, were evacuated from the “immediate area” Saturday night to take cover while an allegedly armed suspect remained barricaded inside a room on the fourth floor. .

Gunman barricades himself in hotel (click on the image)

Dozens of police officers responded to the report at the Kahala Resort & Hotel hours earlier and ordered the location closed after the suspect allegedly fired multiple shots through his door while hotel staff were in the hallway, according to Hawaii News Now quoted by Fox News.

Then, around 9:00 a.m. local time Saturday night (3:00 a.m. Sunday, Eastern time), the hotel issued a statement indicating that the police and security personnel of the compound had evacuated people from the “Immediate area and everyone is taking refuge,” reported KITV-TV.

They are waiting for the suspect to “give up”

gunman in hotel

“Fortunately, the security guard was not standing in front of the door,” said Police Capt.Brian Lynch, according to Hawaii News Now. “No one is hurt. All are accounted for. We are just waiting for the suspect to surrender. “

The gunman allegedly fired through the door again after officers arrived and called him by name as he made his way to the hotel room he was in, Fox News detailed.

The hotel gunman would be a member of the military

The aforementioned outlet said that the suspected gunman was described as a member of the military who lives on Oahu, according to Hawaii News Now, citing his sources. Reports indicate that the suspect’s commander was also called to the hotel.

Guests were told over a loudspeaker around 6 p.m. local time to lock themselves inside their rooms and more than 100 people were forced to lock themselves inside a ballroom at the hotel, Fox News detailed.

Officers point to a balcony

gunman in hotel

A Honolulu resident told the station that he was on the beach when officers asked him to enter, and said he also saw them pointing to a balcony inside the hotel where the suspect maintains his barricade.

The ABC News network also reported at around 5:00 am this Sunday about the gunman barricading the hotel for hours without the motive for his actions being yet known. In turn, he reported that the negotiated continue trying to convince him to surrender.

Shots rang out

Quoting KITV, ABC News said Captain Lynch detailed that there were about five shots fired from a guest room on the hotel’s fourth floor and that hotel security personnel responded when the suspect reportedly fired through the door of the room.

Lynch added to the aforementioned media that 18 police officers came to the scene and immediately evacuated the adjoining rooms and all the guests who were on the fourth floor of the Kahala Hotel & Resort.

Hotel statement

The Kahala Hotel & Resort released a statement regarding the current situation at its property: “Tonight, an individual with a firearm barricaded himself in one of The Kahala’s guest rooms. Our security personnel and law enforcement have evacuated guests and employees from the immediate area and they are all sheltering in place. We request that the public refrain from entering the hotel surroundings at this time. We will provide more updates as they become available. “

According to the ABC News report, Captain Lynch has confirmed that the suspect involved in the current situation is alone in the room and may have relatives who have accompanied him to the compound, but they are in a safe place.

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