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Gunman from Würzburg – His lawyer: “He heard voices!"

Würzburg – For the first time, the knife killer from Würzburg commented on the motives for his bloody act at the end of June.

“He said that he was ordered by voices,” said the defense attorney for Abdirahman J. (32), Hanjo Schrepfer, to BILD on Thursday.

After the Somali man’s state of health has improved thanks to medication, the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office scheduled a video interrogation lasting several hours on Thursday.

“In it, my client confessed and took responsibility for the death of the three people,” said Schrepfer. He expressed his regret for the victims.

The trigger for the act was a “psychotic experience”, tendencies towards radicalization are not understandable in J. After the rampage in front of the Würzburg Woolworth branch, Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) spoke of indications of an Islamist motive. According to witnesses, the asylum seeker shouted “Allahu Akbar” before he was pushed away by several helpers and finally stopped by the police with a leg shot.

Student Steffi W. († 24) who only wanted to buy a wedding present, teacher Christiane H. († 49), who still wanted to protect her daughter (11), and a pensioner died in the act with a knife stolen shortly before in the department store Johanna H. († 82).

The selection of the victims, said lawyer Schrepfer to BILD, was from his point of view purely arbitrary. “His motives lie in the personal sphere, in a serious mental illness.”

As the investigation has since revealed, the refugee provided false information about his biography when he applied for asylum in May 2015.

Therefore, the authorities now assume that Abdirahman J. is already 32 years old and not just 24 years old. A trial date has not yet been set, the Somali is currently being treated in a forensic clinic in Upper Bavaria.

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