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‘Gullit’ Peña scores great goal in FAS victory over Firpo in El Salvador

The Mexican midfielder scored his third goal in the 2021 Closing Tournament of Salvadoran football

EL SALVADOR – Mexican Carlos ‘El Gullit’ Peña was the protagonist of Club Deportivo FAS in the 3-1 victory over Luis Ángel Firpo on day 4 of Phase 2 of the 2021 Closing Tournament of Salvadoran football, to place himself in the second place in Group A with seven units.

The 31-year-old midfielder collaborated with the first score of the match and in the second goal he was the architect of the play where a penalty was scored in favor of the FAS and that Luis Peralta converted, while the third score was an own goal. The visiting team discounted through Tardelis Peña.

It was at minute 42 when Peña opened the scoring. Tomás Granito took a free kick down the right wing and ‘The Gullit‘appeared at the far post behind the backs of the defenders to define a volley at the back of the arc and make it 1-0.

In the second half, the FAS led by Jorge ‘El Zarco’ Rodríguez took control of the commitment and the first five minutes were enough to extend the advantage. Again in a center to the area, Luis Peralta finished off the goal and on the rebound, the goalkeeper fouled Peña and scored the penalty that Peralta took accurately.

The Mexican midfielder had action for 80 minutes when he was replaced by Luis Perea in the final stretch of the commitment. The game was played at the Óscar Quiteño Stadium in Santa Ana, El Salvador.

The next FAS game will be in visitor status when on Sunday, April 11, in the afternoon, against Jocoro in Phase 2 of the cuscatleco championship.

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