Guerrero government announces that they will open beaches in the New Year

Héctor Astudillo, governor of the state of Guerrero, announced that Beaches of their state they will open during the day December 31 and the New Year.

The detail is that there will be special hours, so tourists can only be at sea between 06:00 and 19:00. This means that the arrival of 2021 will not be able to be received in that entity along with the waves from the Pacific Ocean.

The declaration of the representative of Guerrero was broadcast during an interview with journalist Roberto López, for the Azucena Uresti informational space in Formula Group.

The politician Héctor Astudillo decided to make the clarification, as tourists came to think that the closing of beaches like Acapulco it would be all day long.

Hotel occupancy in Acapulco is lower than expected

“Yes there is access to the beaches, what we determined is that the beaches should be vacated at 7 at night. The schedule is restricted because it was happening that tourists stayed until 10 or 12 at night (…) Then they go into the sea when they are tired and very eaten and there have been unfortunate accidents in recent days, “explained the governor.

The hotel occupancy that is currently allowed in Guerrero is 70%, however, the governor confessed that there is little influx of people compared to what was expected even at this time of pandemic.

“We are living the issue of the pandemic. Acapulco it is on a yellow traffic light because its numbers put it that way (…) I don’t know if it is happening elsewhere, but we are not with hotel occupancy as we expected, we are at 42% hotel occupancy ”, he said.

On the other hand, Héctor Astudillo assured that Mexicans can be calm about going to the Guerrero coast during this New Year because the necessary sanitary measures are being taken there to avoid contagion of coronavirus COVID-19.

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