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Gucci? Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller responds to controversy over the price of her blouse

Given the recent rumors about the cost of the blouse that she used during the Christmas message next to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller clarified the brand and the real cost of the garment in dispute.

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On December 25, a Twitter user, who goes by the name of @RaquelHarariCh, started a controversy about the blouse that Gutiérrez Müller wore and wrote the following:

“Hello Mexico, so that you can see the republican austerity 38 thousand pesos @BeatrizGMuller’s blouse, that is cynicism, unemployment and poverty, there are no medicines and that is how they spend our money, the taste is apart, it is horrible”, accompanied by an image in the one that shows the same model of the Gucci brand and the cost of the garment of 1900 dollars.

Without writing a single word, Beatriz in response, posted the image of the Ezposy brand blouse with the price of $ 69.85, which is equivalent to about 1,342 pesos.

It should be noted that the publication of @RaquelHarariCh caught the attention of Internet users, even receiving a series of criticisms due to the fact that his profile is identified as a member of TUCOM (Todos Unidos Contra Morena).

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“She is a writer, and she works. Not like others that bark for frivolity “

“Find yourself a well-founded way to criticize, to find faults, but not only for that, but to propose and seek solutions. This is absurd and meaningless, it only reflects hatred, a desire to hit and destroy instead of building ”.

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“Raquel. Have the courage to recognize that your hatred outweighed your low intelligence. Apologize “

These were just some of the comments they made about his publication.

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