Sergio Agüero and Manchester City will separate their paths after 10 years marked by a period of successes, where ‘Kun’ became the top scorer of the city club.

Pep Guardiola understands the importance of finding a replacement, however, he assures that with the current prices that are handled in the market, the team will not be able to afford a striker.

Manchester City is one of the many teams interested in Haaland, but the price that Borussia Dortmund set is too high. In this sense, Guardiola manifested himself and said that “today it is more likely that we will not sign a forward.”

Although Guardiola intends to sign a replacement for Agüero, and understands the economic situation of the market, has good alternatives such as Sterling and Ferran Torres.

With current prices it is impossible. We can’t afford it. All clubs are going to suffer, we are not going to be an exception, said Guardiola who said that he already knows what it is to play with a false nine.

For his part, Agüero’s situation is unknown, since despite the fact that there are teams like Juventus and Barcelona interested in the forward, there is no formal offer for him.

After the impossibility of Barcelona to pay the 180 million euros that Dortmund demands for Haaland, it is very likely that the Spanish club tried to convince Agüero to sign him, who would not look down on the Catalans for the possibility of playing again with his friend Messi.

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