Guaranteed corona-free, guaranteed subjective: 20 things that were good in 2020 – panorama – society

2020 will be remembered as the Corona year. Some good news has therefore gone under. We dug them out again. A subjective selection.

1. It is not often that new species of mammals are discovered. But researchers in Australia actually found this species in November: the fluffy ears almost as big as the small body, shy eyes and a membrane on the legs that allows the giant flying bagger to glide up to 100 meters.

2. Eleven year old Anthony Mmesoma Madu from Nigeria has one dream: to become a ballet dancer. His performances – barefoot on the wet floor of Lagos – went around the world on social media in August. And gave him a scholarship at the renowned American Ballet.

3. Berlin, Berlin, it belongs in Berlin, and since March it has also been officially documented by patent: that the “Berlin currywurst without casing” can only be produced in the capital. A real original.

4. Wolf Cukier has blatantly improved the reputation of interns. On his third day at NASA, the 17-year-old just found a previously unknown planet, as it became known in January. “TOI 1338 b” has two suns, is 1,300 light years away and almost seven times larger than Earth.

5. When art saves lives: The huge tail fin of a whale sculpture got in the way at the beginning of November when a subway in Rotterdam did not stop and threatened to plunge into the depths. If it hadn’t been for the plastic whale. For architect Maarten Struijs “a miracle”.

An artificial whale prevented a railway accident.Photo: AFP

6. Who invented it? The Norwegians! A start-up announced in September how it can use small clay particles in combination with water from the desert to create fertile soil within a few hours – an investment in the future.

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7. It is said to be over 5,000 years old, the skeleton of a woman that archaeologists discovered during excavations in the Uckermark in May. A sensational find that is reminiscent of an old friend: “Frau Ötzi from Uckermark” has been the name of the young old lady ever since.

8. Try some coziness: The Hamburg University of Fine Arts announced three grants for doing nothing in August. For each 1600 euros applicants have to state what exactly they do not want to do and how long they intend not to do it.

9. The Scots show how it is done. Anyone who needs pads or tampons should get them free of charge. Parliament decided – unanimously, by the way – in November. Against the period poverty.

10. It took long enough, but in December 2020 a woman was finally allowed to lead a men’s soccer Champions League game. The 36-year-old Stéphanie Frappart whistled the match between Juventus Turin and Dynamo Kiev.

Stéphanie Frappart headed a men’s Champions League game.Photo: AFP

11. The four lucky ones of the year come from the French coastal city of Brest and are – or rather – were homeless. A passer-by gave them a scratch card in October, which – zack – made them 50,000 euros richer.

12. Seven days and an hour online. That was how long the Bensheim variety theater broadcast “Pegasus” in one go and set a new record in September.

13. The good news from the World Health Organization: The world’s second largest Ebola outbreak, which killed more than 2,200 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was declared over in June.

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14. The Falkland Islands announced in November they were free of landmines – 38 years after the war between Argentina and Britain ended.

15. A Hungarian orchestra brought Beethoven to the deaf in February. Technical contacts transmitted vibrations to people.

16. Because an eight-year-old boy made his bike available to the police in no time at all, these two men were caught on the run. The gentlemen received an advertisement – the little one from Mühlenbeck in Brandenburg received a teddy bear.

17. More for the sea: 14 countries, including Canada, Australia, Japan and Indonesia joined forces in June to form the so-called Ocean Panel. By 2025 they want to achieve 100 percent sustainable management of the seas off their coasts.

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18. 96 years and not a bit sluggish. Giuseppe Paterno, Italy’s oldest university graduate, graduated in history and philosophy, the best of his year. Throughout his life it was his desire to “immerse yourself in books, read, study and learn”. It is never too late.

19. His name is Elliot, Elliot Page. In December, the actor made public that he was trans. It feels remarkably good to finally be able to live your authentic self, he said. Hopefully encourages others too.

20. Last but not least: BER Airport opened in Schönefeld on October 31, 2020. 3073 days after the originally scheduled date. Strange but true.

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