Pikes Peak or ‘The Race to the Clouds’. An appointment known to everyone in the motor world that is usually held every July in Colorado (United States): a route that climbs the mountain that gives it its name, traveling 19,983 meters in length and 156 curves. And this year, in one of the competing categories, it will be the grossest Tesla Model 3 to ever compete at Pikes Peak.

Video: This is how Pikes Peak was climbed in 1966

It will be done by a veteran: Turn 14 Distribution, who will be the main sponsor of the Tesla Model 3 Performance de Evasive Motorsports. While both have a predilection for the sound and excitement of combustion engines, they acknowledge and support the growth of electric cars. Hence, they have accepted the challenge of reaching the clouds aboard a zero emissions model.

Lower and wider

The truth is that it will be a challenge for Turn 14 Distribution y Evasive Motorsports, experts in these conflicts. They have taken the Tesla Model 3 (test) as a new all-electric platform. Around it, they have built a model that, although it seems complicated, sports an elegant and functional appearance following the style of the coach and respecting the reputation it has earned over the years.

As it is, your Tesla Model 3 it has lost height and gained width. The original version of the kit that has been applied to it is subtle and, even, suitable for driving on the street. Of course, the Evasive Motorsports version adds a new and aggressive diffuser in addition to oversized fins. At the rear it sports a tapered bumper with another diffuser, although the focus is on the huge double-flat spoiler.

Dai Yoshihara

At the controls will be Dai Yoshihara, the experienced Japanese pilot who knows Pikes Peak well. The initial tests of the Model 3 have been carried out at Buttonwillow Raceway: for now the changes to the car have been minimal and the Japanese seems to feel comfortable as he has been able to hunt some unofficial record.

Video: Ascent to Pikes Peak in the Bentley Continental GT

It won’t be Evasive Motorsports and Dai Yoshihara’s first joint experience at Pikes Peak. The former have participated six times and on the last one, in 2020, with the Japanese at the wheel for the second consecutive year, the Toyota GT86 (modified and powered by the venerable Toyota Supra-derived 2JZ-GTE) achieved victory in the Unlimited Division with some drama and some fighting.

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