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Green or the fashionable color that you will want to wear as the best dressed

This season the most vibrant hues were injected, as if it were a vaccine, in large and varied collections to brighten up our spring looks. The fashionable color is green, but next to it the yellows, pinks, oranges and purples also stand out with a serious impact on countless styles.

However, we will refer to the tests later, green will be the stellar protagonist of 2021, as we already announced at the end of last year. We will not leave earth tones aside, and they will continue to be a versatile canvas to build looks of all kinds, but a pop of color, like the one provided by green, is just what we needed to get out of the complacent fashionista lethargy that we have experienced in the last year.

And, as you will see, The use of this trendy color is not limited in any possible way. It does not matter if it is day or night, if it is to be at home or to use it for a special occasion, from dresses, jeans or blouses, to bags, shoes and a number of other fashion accessories. This season, green will not only refer to the vegetables and fruits that we will eat, to the sustainable beauty products that we will include in our beauty routine, but also to that hue that we will wear to brighten our days and that is undoubtedly part of the colors. trending in 2021.

Green I want you green

From the combination of blue and yellow arises ‘the most relaxing color for the human eye’, green. This tone conveys calm and serenity, creating a state of rest that quells the clutter of the mind.

As we know, green represents nature, but also good health and good intentions. It is related to the positive, everything that means progress, going forward, moving forward, having an attitude, growth and evolution. And it is that in everyday life the green or, rather the ‘green light’ (at traffic lights) means ‘free passage’.

This fashionable color also suggests stability and strength, and it is associated with money. As well as with the planet Venus, and the goddess of love and fertility.

On the catwalks

For spring-summer 2021, designers opted for the color green: at Bottega Veneta, two of her first three looks were totally monochromatic outfits in this color or; They used different shades of green to be crafty with pops of color and accessories, as Louis Vuitton did in the different emerald green handbags that debuted.

Brands such as Max Mara, The Attico or Salvatore Ferragamo have opted for its different shades, showing that it is one of the fashionable colors of the season. In addition, brands such as Chanel or Balenciaga stand out for their colorful bags.

Another example is found in the lookbook of the brand Sara Battaglia, which debuted in a daring patterned outfit, complete with thigh-high boots and an oversized hat, all in different shades and prints of green.

In el street style


While browns, earth tones or chocolates have been the favorite shades for fashionistas during the past season, now green is gaining ground as the fashionable color. From caramel tones to kelly green, the boldest green is perfect for the next sunny days.

As a result of this wave of green accessories, the trend fits perfectly with a monochrome look. On the other hand, it can also be worn to provide the perfect touch of color for those who are used to dressing in more sober tones.

The best dressed shows us that the most fun thing about experimenting with a specific color in your wardrobe, even more so with green, it is the ability to wear a different hue on any occasion. Whether in a green silk outfit or going to brunch in a bright denim jacket.


Without a doubt, in case you want to start from less to more, accessories will be your best allies to join this trend. Bags are a perfect speaker when in this amplified shade of green. Shoes are another relatively easy way to introduce this color into your outfit without completely dominating it, although it will turn heads. Bet on wearing them with jeans, a white ribbed blouse and striking green shoes.

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