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Great Britain: Lottery player hits 45 million jackpot on New Years Day

16, 28, 32, 44, 48 and the so-called lucky stars 1 and 9: These numbers made a lottery player in Great Britain a multimillionaire on New Year’s Day. The buyer of a lottery ticket for the Euromillions drawing cleared the jackpot, which was filled with the equivalent of 44.96 million euros, in one fell swoop, as the national lottery company announced on Friday evening.

Details of the owner of the lot sold in Great Britain were not known. It is also possible that the identity of the lottery player will not be made public at all because he or she wants to remain anonymous. The Euromillions lottery is offered in several European countries. To hit the jackpot, the correct five must be drawn from 50 numbers and the correct two from twelve so-called lucky stars.

On New Year’s Day 2019, the profit in the Euromillions drawing was even higher. At that time, a lottery player secured the equivalent of almost 128 million euros.

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