Great Britain: Boris Johnson is apparently planning massive nuclear armament

Britain is apparently aiming for a bigger role in world politics after Brexit. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce on Tuesday that the number of Trident nuclear warheads will be increased from 180 to 260 by the middle of the decade. This emerges from the report on a comprehensive one-year review of security and foreign policy, which has apparently already been ripped through to the Guardian, among others.

The government would end the policy of gradual disarmament that has been practiced for around 30 years. According to the paper, increasing the nuclear weapons potential will cost around £ 10 billion (almost € 12 billion). Great Britain currently stores far fewer nuclear warheads than, for example, Russia (4300), the USA (3800) or China (around 320).

Johnson will present plans to shift the focus of British foreign policy to India and the Pacific, it said. Johnson will be traveling to India as soon as next month – his first major overseas trip since Brexit.

According to the leaked report, Russia, with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin, is an “active threat” to the security of the nation, but China poses a greater challenge.

Britain’s ideals such as democracy and freedom of speech must be protected in the world, Johnson wrote on Tuesday in an article for the Times newspaper. Therefore, all tools will be given which are necessary “to coordinate with like-minded democracies” around the world.

Obviously, NATO does not appear directly in the report. It is said that the US will remain Britain’s main strategic ally and partner.

Disarmament activists warn of “shocking” plans

In order to underline the increased global political ambitions, the aircraft carrier “HMS Queen Elizabeth” is to be sent to the strategically important South China Sea for the first time in the course of the year.

Activists such as members of the “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” (CND) organization are already warning of a new arms race in Great Britain. The plans are “irresponsible and dangerous” and violate international law. In view of threats such as the corona pandemic and climate change, the government’s intentions are “shocking,” the organization said.

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