22-year-old Liza Vasilenko, a model, blogger and actress who became famous for her role as Lola in the Ukrainian youth TV series School, admitted on the Internet show Cannon that she had been sexually assaulted. When some time ago Lisa decided to break up with the guy who raised her hand to her, she agreed to go to her friend’s birthday party.

“And she’s not a boyfriend, she also has a grandfather,” Vasilenko recalled and added that during the celebration they poured something into a glass of alcohol to make her forget.

The girl came to her senses when she realized that this elderly boyfriend of a friend was having sexual intercourse with her:

– I was raped. Without continuing, he did not have time to finish the job. I just remember that he is on top, he is huge, but I can’t get out … I run out naked into the street, just naked. A taxi stops. I stand and think that everything, my life is probably over …

The next day, the villain sent a new phone as an apology. She did not report him to the police, deciding that they would not believe him.


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