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Granada approved and suspended: Soldier adds and continues

Rui Silva: Sevilla, despite the victory, did not demand excessively from him during the match. He came close to stopping Rakitic’s penalty, but was beaten too early on the second goal.

Foulquier: He played a neat game at the defensive level, although Ocampos’ mark slipped in the second goal from Sevilla.

Nehuén: He returned to ownership and accused the lack of continuity. He formed as a right central in the line of five that Diego Martínez had. The coach replaced him at halftime in search of a tie.

German: He was the leader of the rear and was successful in most of the duels he had with the Sevilla attackers. Solvent.

Victor Diaz: Diego pulled him as a left-handed center-back and, despite being out of his usual position, he passed the exam despite the defeat.

Neva: He gave a lot of output to the team through his band and put a perfect center in the action that ended in the goal annulled to Puertas. He was substituted due to injury during the second half.

Doors: Very generous as always in the effort. He did a good job and appeared around the area whenever he could. A goal was disallowed for a previous foul by Yangel Herrera.

Yangel Herrera: He worked piecemeal, but lacked fluidity and presence in the core. Granada falls whole offensively when it is not fine.

Gonalons: He committed the penalty on Papu Gómez that allowed Sevilla to open the scoring and get the game back on track. He did not have his best day and was replaced.

Kenedy: Sevilla held him well and was barely seen. He gave his place to Machís after the break.

Luis Suarez: He returned to eleven for the first time after his injury and made it clear that he lacks shooting and spark. Not a single effort was spared, but it was very unassisted.

Machis: His entry onto the pitch gave Granada some oxygen. He generated several dangerous crosses from his wing, but has been away from his best level for weeks.

Quini: His performance is usually regular whenever Diego needs him. He complied, without further ado.

Montoro: He came in to give the midfield a little more creativity, but it wasn’t his best day either. He saw a yellow that will prevent him from playing at the Camp Nou.

Soldier: He transformed the penalty by Acuña’s hand and put some spice at the end of the game. He continues to accumulate minutes and goals, 14 already this season between the three competitions.

Jorge Molina: He replaced the injured Neva and did not catch a good Machís center by centimeters. Then he had no more chance to finish.

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