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Governor of Tamaulipas reveals Bartlett’s response to false report on fire

Ciudad Victoria.- The government of Tamaulipas remains firm in the demand to clarify before the corresponding authorities who prepared the apocryphal document with which they tried to deceive with a signature that was not real, in the case of blackout of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), which affected 10 million users.

At a press conference in Ciudad Victoria, the governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca He gave a detailed account of his follow-up on the situation and revealed that the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE) has already given a hearing to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

“To investigate who brought that apocryphal document in which they wanted or tried to justify and deceive the people of Mexico by saying that the State of Tamaulipas had endorsed that a fire had started with a signature that was not the real one,” he said.

The president said that when he saw the virtual press conference, he contacted the general coordinator of Civil Protection in Tamaulipas, Pedro Granados, to whom he had commissioned the issue, “how did they send a document? He told me, Governor I have no knowledge of that. I said is that the director Manuel Bartlett He is saying that a document was sent, investigate and call me back ”.

He immediately returned the call: “Governor, that document is not ours, how? Who could have dared to present an apocryphal document from the government of the State of Tamaulipas? It’s absurd, ”he added.

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García Cabeza de Vaca pointed out that after the first investigations it turned out that they had indeed presented an apocryphal document, with a false signature where they related alleged events that never happened.

“First, Civil Protection of the State did not participate in that supposed fire, because it was also verified with the C-4, with the Executive Secretariat of Public Security of the State; second, there was no such call to 911 to report the fire; and third, that the document was false, “he added.

He revealed that he also called the federal government’s Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nalhe, to whom he explained the situation and she replied, “How? That is very serious! A corresponding investigation has to be done, I inform you so that what I am saying will not fall suddenly to you, he said right now I report ”.

The next call was made to the director of the CFE, Manuel Bartlett, whom he said he knows perfectly well since they were both senators. He also explained the falsity of the document he presented, “because that document is apocryphal, it is not from the State Government, someone took their hair, it is something very serious, very delicate, they are trying to endorse a supposed fire that we cannot yet verify and that someone presented that document ”.

The answer he received was: “Well, in the end we will make our opinion, it does not matter if it is apocryphal or not, I said, Well, as you think! We are going to present the corresponding complaints and we took on that task.”

Regarding the relevance of this case, the governor of Tamaulipas stated that, “beyond what is said, hear if it was something irregular that took place, if the fire occurred, or that is what they mention, because everything what you can point out is your version; The reality of things is that a crime was committed here and the crime is having presented an apocryphal document on behalf of a state government, and it is precisely the follow-up that the Tamaulipas State Attorney General’s Office is giving it. ”


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