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Government allocates more than 200 thousand pesos to clean excasa de AMLO

The government disbursed more than 200 thousand pesos to start the work of dismantling and cleaning the old house where the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador He lived at the beginning of his political career, as director of the Coordinating Center for Indigenous Peoples (CCPI) in Nacajuca, Tabasco, which could become a museum.

In file 2081889, on the platform Compranet, it is detailed that the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI) signed on February 17th with the company Constructora Quevedo Asociados, SA de CV a contract to start these works for 214 thousand 685 thousand pesos.

Last March, EL UNIVERSAL revealed that the house could become a museum that can be visited by tourists.

In the report Development plan for indigenous peoples. A comprehensive vision for the prosperity of indigenous communities yokot´an and chontales de Tabasco, prepared by the CCPI of Nacajuca and to which EL UNIVERSAL had access, it is indicated that they are working on the elaboration of a museum project as a tribute to the Executive, who inhabited that house from 1977 to 1982.

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The document reports that, because the property was abandoned for at least 37 years, it is in a clear deterioration, which requires “high-level” maintenance. He points out that, by rehabilitating himself, he would serve as a tribute to the poet Carlos Pellicer, López Obrador’s political mentor.

“At the CICC of Nacajuca, during the period from 1977 to 1982, he began his career as public server our current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who occupied at that time what was called ‘The house of the director of the center’, which, with the passage of time, was vacated, having at least 37 years without use.

“After the imminent deterioration, a high-level maintenance is required, since a museum project to make it a tribute to Carlos Pellicer Cámara and the career of the President of Mexico ”, it is added.

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In the documentary Este soy – released in December 2017 as part of his campaign strategy towards the Presidency -, when visiting the Nacajuca CICC, the President commented: “One of the most important times I lived was here.

“I lived in this house from 1977 to 1982, here I lived with my late wife Rocío and here my eldest son, José Ramón, was born.”

Useless and on the verge of collapse

In the document, accompanied by half a dozen photographs taken in 2019, it is noted that the house is in a “completely useless” state, since its main structures are on the verge of collapse, while the windows and the roof of the sidewalk main are damaged.

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During a visit to the site, EL UNIVERSAL verified the state of the house, which, indeed, was about to collapse, since the beams that support the roof are visible due to the falling cement and are completely rusted. This publishing house found that the house, with four rooms, is without glass or doors and without any protection, so it is easy for rainwater, dust and dirt to sneak into the facilities.

It also has no electricity and there are exposed and rusted cables, and the few remaining wooden furniture is dirty, rotten and broken.

In addition, the bathroom of the property also needs to be rehabilitated, since only a dirty and old toilet remains.

In the section “Service requirements”, it is indicated that the monument of the poet Carlos Pellicer needs to be restored, in addition to the “repair of the director’s house [antigua casa del presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador], as well as the house of traditional doctors ”.


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