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Gossip Girl: The Upper East Side Looks That Will Inspire You This Summer

Almost 8 years have passed since the final chapter of the series Gossip Girl. However the new reboot de HBO Max, it will reach screens faster than we imagine. While we still don’t know how the new romances will go, what the scandals will be, the drama that will unfold, or who the new one will be. Blair O Serena, some images captured by the paparazzi. Those that help us to launch the bets.

The leaked images give us a sneak peek at some of the looks that we will see throughout the 10-episode series. As you can see, some characters are faithful to the modern style of the Manhattan elite. Even wearing the uniform of the Constance Billiard School, the cast manages to show off their personal style through eye-catching bags, socks, and gorgeous ties. Without leaving aside the iconic looks of Gossip Girl that we would like to see in this reboot.

How to put together a look worthy of the new Gossip Girl series?

Read on for a look at the look of each of the main characters, their fashion decisions and so you can make yourself some pieces before the serie air this year. We also leave you some curiosities about the Gossip Girl wardrobe, in its original version, which marked us.

Julien Calloway

This character, played by Jordan Alexander, Always wear your private school jacket and uniform in a simply great way. Always with Balenciaga tennis, crocodile boots and a JW Anderson tote bag.

Zoya Lott

Zoya Lott, interpreted by Whitney Peak, teaches us never to underestimate the power of a great sweater and a blunt pair of socks.

Audrey Hope

Whether it’s an oversized cardigan, plaid jumper, or striped vest, layers are the look to go from Audrey Hope, interpreted by Emily Alyn Lind.

Kate Keller

In the official account of Instagram de Gossip Girl, Kate Keller, the character played by Tavi Gevinson, is described with one word: ambition. And it shows, through her impeccably tailored pants and striped outfits, very preppy.

Luna La

It seems that the role of Zion Moreno, Luna La, loves big brands. We have seen her with a Louis Vuitton mega bag, a Burberry cape and a classic Fendi bag Baguette.

Monet de Haan

It doesn’t matter if you are off campus or on campus, Monet de Haan, the character of Savannah Smith, has an enviable collection of miniskirts that pair very well with blazers, workshop sets and turtlenecks.

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