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“Gorgeous figure”: Tatiana Arntgolts amazed by her slenderness a month after giving birth

At the end of February this year, the 39-year-old star gave birth to a son, Danila, from her husband, actor Mark Bogatyrev. Having recovered from childbirth, the artist hastened to return to work.

The day before, Tatiana appeared on the set of the popular project “Wait for Me”. She was captured during preparation for work: Arntgolts was waiting for the makeup artist to put the final touches.

The presenter appeared in a classic red suit with pipe trousers and beige pumps. The outfit emphasized the slender figure of the star. It is impossible not to notice that Bogatyrev’s wife quickly returned to shape.

Tatiana’s fans were delighted with her appearance. “Only a month and a half after giving birth! What a beauty “,” Gorgeous figure “,” Our little reed “,” Congratulations on returning to filming, “the followers wrote.

Arntgolts is also raising a 12-year-old daughter Maria from a previous marriage. She lived with actor Ivan Zhidkov for five years.


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