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“Goosebumps”: Buzovoy’s ex-boyfriend could not hold back tears on the show “Come on, all together!”

Vocalist Ksenia Bakhchalova made a splash on the show “Come on, all together!”

On the air of the Rossiya TV channel, the girl delicately sang the folk song “Not for me”, not only raising a hundred, but also making the strict jury of the project cry.

“You made the whole hundred cry. I don’t remember that, bravo, you are smart. Believe in yourself, you have a divine voice, ”said the leader of the hundred, Sergei Lazarev.

The host of the show, Nikolai Baskov, admitted that during the performance it seemed to him as if an angel was singing.

“Let’s ask Davout,” Baskov turned to ex-boyfriend Olga Buzova, who attended the show as one of a hundred. – He listened to the singing of another girl for many months. Can singing break your heart? “

The camera showed a close-up of David Manukyan’s face and his eyes, wet with tears.

“It was to tears, really. It was a soul. And it was so sincere, to the point of shivering. Thank you for the emotions you gave us, that’s why the result is the same, ”said David Manukyan.

As a result of the graduation, Ksenia Bakhchalova reached the final of the project, leaving her competitors far behind.

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