González García said that the Covid-19 situation is very complicated but that activity will not be restricted

“We are a federal country and we have respected all jurisdictions, there are provinces that have taken measures this week such as La Pampa, while Jujuy, for example, now has few cases, they are different situations according to jurisdictions,” said González García, within the framework of a day where the country reported 13,790 new cases and 151 deaths from coronavirus.

“All the measures that had been complied with have been put aside. The clandestine parties, the ‘clandes’ as the boys say, with incredible numbers, in a very complicated social situation. I saw a lot of big people on the street and that’s not good and many people abandoned the careful conduct, “said the Minister of Health.

In this regard, he evaluated: “Maybe we lack communication, although if there is no change in individual behavior it will be difficult. “

On whether a “sanitary touch”, González García said that this measure was not in what was discussed today with his colleagues from all the country’s districts, within the framework of the Federal Health Council (Cofesa).

The minister added that the eventual decision to be made at the national level in this context of a rebound in Covid-19 cases will be “collective, joint and not unilateral” and considered that vaccines are being received “thanks to President Alberto Fernández” and his letters to his Russian colleagues Vladimir Putin and Chinese Xi Jimping.

The head of Health said that “the Rio de Janeiro strain seems to be more contagious” Alluding to today’s announcement about the detection of said vector in the country by the Malbrán Institute.

Regarding vaccines, he said that the contract on the Sputnik V, from the Russian laboratory Gamaleya anticipates that the second batch will arrive “after the first half of January”.

“In February we also expect 14.7 million doses of Sputnik and by the end of March 22.4 million of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine”he said to the A24 news channel.

González García also anticipated that in the synergy that Gamaleya and AstraZeneca are carrying out to combine and improve both vaccines “they are thinking of conducting phase three studies of this combination in Argentina.”

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