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Golden nails are back to give us shine in this summer 2021

Golden nails specially designed for sunny days, they will make your looks look great, especially during the ‘golden hour‘. This is how the gold color take over the tips of your nails for this summer. ‘The trick to make it work is to keep it very minimal,’ says the manicurist Michelle Humphrey. ‘Gold should be an accent. Think of it as an accessory but for your manicure. ‘

Whether you prefer a French manicure, crescent, shading, curves, stars or abstract shapes, the idea is that this touch in dorado be the jewel that adorns your manicure, instead of painting the entire nail with polish. Remember that in this 2021 manicure trends and styles are something unexpected.

How to paint your nails in gold?

If you are going to be the artist, the first tip of Michelle Humpfrey is that you find a varnish that is neither very yellow nor very bright. CND Vinylux Enamel, Get That Gold, is a good choice as it offers a chrome gold finish instead of being metallic. Since generally those that are metallic, end up leaving very obvious unwanted lines on the nails.

Combine it with a neutral tone, and contrasting, such as white, black or nude. “Gold always looks good in a negative space, that is, where the natural tone of the nails is incorporated into the manicure,” explains Humphrey. If the golden nails you are not convinced, also consider this trend of neon colors nails for 2021.

The how do you apply Gold on the nails is also key: ‘Make sure you clean and polish your nails well before painting them and use a base coat to help even the texture of your nail, if necessary’, recommends the artist.

‘Glossy enamels show an uneven surface, so apply only one layer of gold and avoid using any color that becomes thick and dark.’

For all those who will rush to the nail salon, when allowed, “this trend was made for you,” says Humphrey. She recommends that you ask chrome gold powder when you make your appointment.

The professional manicurists they know how to elevate this trend and make it shine to the next level. If you do it in a classroom, they might add chrome pigment to your nails creating a mirror-like effect. “Experts usually polish the gold in a special top coat to a high shine,” explains Humphrey.

‘You can also opt for gold or silver leaf, which after being applied, your manicurist will leave attached to the nail with gel.’

Here we leave you inspiration for your next manicure.

Article originally published in Vogue UK,

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